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Our attorneys take an efficient, practical and compassionate approach to bankruptcy.  Clients who leave our office after their initial bankruptcy consultation often express how relieved they are to know that we can help them find the right solution to their financial situation.

We are experienced in guiding individuals, couples and small businesses through the bankruptcy process.  Click here for a general description of the available Chapters of the Bankruptcy Code.  Call our office for additional information and to schedule a free, initial bankruptcy consultation.

As an alternative to bankruptcy, our attorneys can help clients get back on their feet financially with mortgage modifications and work-outs with credit card companies.  If litigation is necessary, we can represent your interests and work to secure positive outcomes for you or your business.

For our institutional clients, we also offer secured party representation in Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy matters.

Clients who need to take pre-filing credit counseling or post-filing personal financial management courses, can easily access these resources by clicking here